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Made in SomervilleBeadkreative handmade gifts bostonBeadkreative’s gallery offers beautiful & unique handcrafted gifts created by local artisans mainly inspired by beads. We support local handmade artists by offering consignment and teaching opportunities, special discounts in supplies, and marketing events to promote their art.  The growing selection includes handmade jewelry  pieces designed by Beadkreative’s owners.

Come over our store and experience our passion for beads while supporting your local community of talented artists.


Ellen Ellerbee, Somerville, MA ~ Jewelry, accessories & post cards

handmade jewelry‘I am inspired by the depth and variety of colors and patterns in the natural world. I like to use a combination of natural materials and man-made to celebrate this enormous diversity. In my photography, I enjoy capturing the small details that may be missed such as droplets of rain catching the light, the transparent nature of an autumn leaf or light catching a spider’s web. My hope is that others will be uplifted by catching glimpses of beauty, and that I can in a small way bring joy to someone’s day’ Ellen

 Liza Zvereva, Somerville, MA ~ Jewelry, stained & recycled glass

Beadkreative Gallery “The thrill of the unknown, the excitement of exploration when creating a new piece or trying a new technique, and the reaction to my artwork – a smile, joy, or just a reflection – all help me in transforming my innate desire to express myself through painting, sculpting, stained glass and jewelry creation. I strive to create quality works of art while keeping in mind that some of my pieces will not only be displayed on a wall or a shelf, but also will be worn by real people in their daily lives. ” Liza

Vanessa Suarez, Somerville, MA ~ Accessories, loom and hand knitted scarves

Infinity scarf

Vanessa is a volunteer Marketing Analyst at Beadkreative and a very experienced and creative crafter of all kind of things. She felt inspired by the colorful beads at the store and decided to create a collection of infinity scarves matching some of her favorite earring designs sold at Beadkreative.


Sophia, Boston, MA ~ Jewelry, wire jewelry 

“When I was thirteen,Beadkreative gift store making wire jewelry was a new, creative endeavor that allowed me to express myself. Ever since then I have loved working metal with my hands and hope to continue as long as  possible. I am especially inspired by my natural surroundings. I hail from Brattleboro Vermont, but Boston and Suffolk University are home for me during the school year” Sophi


Randi Bennett Drye, Arlignton, MA – Made at Beadkreative ~ Sharpie duct tape flowers

Sharpie Duct Tape


Randi is a passionate beader that joined Beadkreative’s community through our Meetup group she created this awesome Sharpie duct tape flowers and added some beads to give a final creative touch!


If you are interested in joining our local artists team, check our consignment page to learn more.


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